PT. Bara Agung Semesta is an integrated charcoal industry located in Indonesia.  We have been manufacturing and exporting charcoal to the world since 2009.  We specialize in service, quality products, and bring great value to our customers. We offer a unique and environment friendly of charcoals products to household and industrial customers around the world.

We are renowned by our customers for our exceptional products and services and our knowledgeable, long-serving, and dedicated staff from charcoal kilns to briquetting plants.

We are passionate about preserving and nurturing the natural resources. We only make charcoal of waste materials or by-product from other industries, such as coconut shell, palm kernel shell, sawdust, and other left-over biomass from crops. We do recycle, recycle, and recycle...

In making charcoal, we never destroy the rain forest in beautiful tropical region in Indonesia. We even refuse to make charcoal from mangrove woods even though it has huge demand and higher price paid by customers. Put simply, our charcoal is great, clean, and green environmental friendly product.

We look forward to personally welcoming you to be part of our business partner and consumers. Please contact us at your earliest convenience.